Saturday, 25 January 2014

The Story Continued....Hopefully

Hello there chaps, Sir Benji Fluffingtons here reporting from Mushtopia, and welcome back to THE FLUFFINGTON POST! A rather spiffing story we must continue today and with haste, hopefully, probably not, but we can indeed hope. Now, when we left the political events of Mushtopia, we had found Jimmy in the house of a gnome, just outside of the city's borders! Unfortunately for both us and Jimmy, the money and gold were not present, seems they left with other hands, or were hidden very well. The first thing we did was hire a dwarf from the mountains to search the house for gold, for if you were not aware, they have a natural sense of finding precious metals. The gnome's house was gold-free by the standards of a dwarf, even though I was quite sure that there was at least a gold watch on the night stand.

We proceeded to interrogate the ol' chap about where the money may have gone, which he replied with a blank stare. This particular blank stare was on his face ever since he woke up, along with his lack of speech, either by choice or by, and I dare say I hoped not, some evil incantation. We asked a few more questions related to the matter, but again nothing. As we stepped out the door, he came back to reality for a second, a mere second, only to say the words I dreaded 
"I made a deal with NegaShroom for the safety of Mushtopia and my family...." After the last word left the tip of his tongue, he passed out, only to wake up seconds later with no recollection on what he had done. I say, ol' chaps, I was quite frightened, yes, me, SIR FLUFFINGTONS OF FLUFFINGTON PALACE, KING OF THE MUSHROOMS HIMSELF, for I knew that NegaShroom now held the power to destroy us all. For once in the history of Mushtopia, no, THE HISTORY OF WEIRDVILLE, a serious threat was proposed to us by a villain of incredible power. Why, you may ask, was I afraid? In Mushtopia, our currency is made of a very hard and, I say, not easily melted metal, which funnily enough, is also used in large fungicide missile. My word, it was dreadful indeed, if NegaShroom could construct one of these missiles, he could threaten my rule and the safety of Mushtopia... WELL it looks like time is up, tune in next time for THE FLUFFINGTON POST! AH-HA!
Next time on The Fluffington Post: We track down NegaShroom and try to put a stop to his nefarious schemes....

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  1. You know it's odd you mention the construction of missiles. Things have been a bit odd in Gnomeville. Some strange occurrences have happened in the Red Hat Tip Forest, you know, the one near the border. A number of gnomes have reported hearing loud noises and disturbances at night. One in particular reported hearing an explosion. Oh well, I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. Can't wait to read the next Fluffington Post!