Friday, 24 January 2014

I'M BACK! And better than ever! I say!

Hello there chaps and chapettes, Sir Fluffingtons here! Welcome back to the FLUFFINGTON POST, the blog of MUSHTOPIA! I SAY! Anywho, I would like the deeply apologize for my prolonged absences, it would seem Mushtopia's political issues got a little out of hand, but not to worry, they have been fixed, with no mushrooms dead surprisingly!

What is that I hear? A cry for news? A curiosity for past events? Or just plain curiosity for the going-ons of Mushtopia? Well, a rather spiffing post I have for you , ol' chaps and chappettes. Where to start? Oh yes, do you see this picture, this is none other than the criminal Jolly Jimmy, the Jumping Joker of the Bouncing Cliffs, home to all Jumping Mushrooms. It seems that he managed to get into the bloody bank, I say! Although quite the crime, that bank is guarded by none other than the incredible and invincible Super Mushroom! The caped fungus fool never saw it coming though, knockout spores right to the face, a deadly invention of the notorious Mushroom Magician, Sporington NegaShroom. He stole several thousand pounds of fungi coin and twelve bars of gold, quite the haul if I do say so myself, not that I have ever robbed a bank and am slightly jealous of him....YOU HEARD NOTHING! Anyways, after several days of searching, we finally found the mushy man, sleeping in the house of a gnome just outside of Mushtopia, with no money or gold to be found! It seemed that it was stolen from him, or he made a deal with someone in return for the safety of his family....Oh look at the time, looks like we are done with this post, however not to worry, the story will continue. Next time on the FLUFFINGTON POST: We interview Jimmy and find out what happened to all that he had!

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  1. Oh dear! Poor, poor Jimmy! What a wonderful lad, didn't deserve any of this rubbish. I can only hope that the Mushtopia Police Force finds Sporington NegaShroom before it's too late!