Friday, 31 January 2014

The Finale of the Jimmy Epidemic!

Hello there chaps, Sir Benji Fluffingtons here reporting from Mushtopia, and welcome back to THE FLUFFINGTON POST! No time to spare, ol' chaps, for a wonderful adventure is coming to end, for we have reached its pinnacle point and it is downhill from here! Ah-ha! Indeed we must get going...So where we left our predicament, we had finished interviewing Jimmy the Jumping Mushroom of the Bouncing Cliffs and MY WORD the information we got was bally frightening! It seems that Sporington Negashroom, the maleficent warlock of the Mushroom Forest,  had gotten hold of a special metal that is used to make fungicide missiles, the bloody man was insane! I do say if he had managed to launch those, we would all be dead, Mushrooms, Mushroom-People, you, and even me! Wait? You're not a Mushroom?...Oh never mind, on with the story! Of course you notice I said "if he had managed", which means there is much more to be talked about, so tally ho. I was concerned deeply for the safety and well-being, so much so that I rushed off, Magical Mushroom Staff in hand, ready to blow Negashroom hideous face right off his body. 

Sometime later, I arrived at the entrance to the Mushroom Forest, much like a regular forest, except it has giant mushrooms instead trees and, if you go deep enough, a glowing mist of ghostly spores. I ran in bearing no fear, only anger and a will to protect all I love and know. The wind whipped past my my ears, whistling one constant note, ominous and monotone, and I made my way to the center and the evilest part of forest where the warlock resides. Here is built a tower, one single tower of black stone, topped by a point of wood. It rose to the sky and ripped apart the clouds of darkness which it seeped, and brought despair, a feeling of pure hopelessness, back into my heart , something I hadn't felt in years since I had come to the land of Weirdville. Laughter echoed from tower's top and a voice, deep and flowing, practiced and refined, emanated from it. It began to speak poison and lies,
"So you have come, Fluffingtons, and what may be the occasion?", In full rage I replied quickly,
"You know in full detail why I make this appearance, for you are the perpetrator, or are you too prideful to admit it?", I continued to talk to him, although he was knowledgeable enough to know where I was going with my speech, for he is learned in such matters, "You are planning something of great mischief and evil, Sporington, and I have come to put end to it before you can begin!", At the base of the tower there is a door, large in size and made of wood and stained gold, and leading up to it is a wide flight of stairs made of the same stone as the tower. The door creaked open and tall, old, white bearded, pale, toned face man walked out, his body upright, and his eyes beaming with confidence. He spoke again, this time his voice boomed deeper and resonated through the forest,
"You have come to stop me?", He said as though he didn't know, "So be it, come at me with all your might, and I will still strike you down and you will be begging for mercy.", In his hand appeared a steel rod tipped with a white, skull-shaped gem, this was his staff and it frightened even the bravest of warriors and heroes. He pointed it towards me and from it shot a bolt of lightning, causing me to have to jump quickly out of the way. He chuckled at this and repeated the same action, this time, however, I felt it was my duty to wipe the smile from his face. I once again dodged his attack, however this time I shot a bolt back at him, hitting him in the chest and burning a hole into his grey cloak. He look astonished and became enraged, striking back in retaliation. For three hours we shot bolts at each other, until finally I realized the obvious, I could just turn him into a mushroom. I had become so riled up and serious, I wasn't thinking as a weird person would. The next time I got an opportunity, I yelled the top of my lung,
"WABBAKAZOOIE", Sporington gave me a strange look and then he was consumed by a cloud of sparkling white smoke, I say it was hilarious to see the bloody fool as a mushroom. The next day we found the metal we had been searching for in the basement of the tower and returned it to the bank. Everything settled down and returned to normal as it was before. That is it, ol' chaps and chappettes, the story you had all been waiting to hear....and now I am tired from writing see you next time for THE FLUFFINGTON POST! AH-HA!

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  1. Bravo, my dear friend, bravo! What a remarkable tale! The gnomes can't wait to hear more about what's going on in Mushtopia!