Friday, 28 June 2013

Tour of Mushtopia Part Two

Well I dare say, welcome back ol' chaps to MUSHTOPIA! Sorry for such a delay on this post, been quite busy with Summer adventures and council meeting and such. Now where did we leave of in the last post....OH YES, as you exit the Mushroom Forest you will come to a cliff overlooking the beautiful country side Mushtopia. Isn't it just gorgeous, ahh the childhood days I spent there....ANYWHO...
If you look there will be a hundred stair staircase leading down to the Mushroom Fields, and when at the bottom look around for a road. Follow this road and it will take you to the most wonderful, rather spiffing place in all of MUSHTOPIA! The...MUSHROOM......CITY!!!!!! This place is huge, some even say it is bigger than New York City I dare say! You can spend all day there, shopping and the Square Cap Mall, or dancing at the Spore Club or even starting a business and the Fluffington Business hall! There are practically unlimited things to do, unless you are more of the adventuring type. If slaying mythical and mystical creatures is your rather spiffing hobby, then follow the Big Road (Quite the creative name) all the way through the City and you will be looking upon the tallest and largest mountain in all of ALL OF WEIRDVILLE! This mountain, as you can see, used to be a castle built into a mountain, but was over taken by the powers of the malevolent Death, the Grim Reaper. The mountain is full of creatures of the dark, which get stronger as you travel farther into the castles dungeons......WELL THAT IS ALL FOR THIS POST, PLEASE STAY UP TO DATE WITH THE FLUFFINGTON POST!!! 

Monday, 17 June 2013

Tour of Mushtopia Part One

Oh by George welcome again to MUSHTOPIA! Today on The Fluffington Post we will be touring all the wonderful places in Mushtopia, excluding my castle since you have already seen it. First we walk from my castle to the Mushroom Forest, my favorite place to relax, adventure in or practice my magic.
That wonderful green dust you see there, for all you potion and magic powder fans, is a very important ingredient in shrinking magic. While walking in the forest,  you will see many beautiful things such as Spore Falls and The Bouncy Cliff (called that by the native bouncing Mushrooms), but don't go too far or you may stray into the territory of the evil Mushroom Magician, Sporington NegaShroom, notorious for transforming things into exploding mushrooms and tainting hearts with evil.
This is a picture of the bloody fool

Friday, 14 June 2013

About me

Welcome to the mystical land of the mushrooms called MUSHTOPIA! I hope you are enjoying your time, seeing the great mushroom statue of former King, George the Red, the wonderful chap who gave me my position, or the huge Mushroom Forest or even the Mushroom Castle itself!
This is a picture of the Mushroom Castle
Oh I am so sorry, I forget to address myself, might as well do it now! Hello there, my name is Sir Benji Fluffingtons of Fluffington Palace, King of the Mushrooms himself! If you have absolutely no idea who I am, I am the one who rules over all the lands of Mushtopia. Tell me a mushroom and I can tell you its name, age, favorite food and what it is saying. This was one of the many powers I was gifted with, another gift would be my magic powers and my hat. Now I possess a special type of magic that has to do with total nonsense, at least to you normal people. For example, WABBAKAZOOIE! This spell, as you can see, and most likely feel, turns things, people, and animals into any mushroom of my choosing. This spell is quite dangerous, now let's turn you back into a human, WABBAKABLAM! That is just one of my mentioned gifts, the other that was mentioned was my hat
Now my hat is quite special, it is bottomless and is full of everything you can imagine, everything from dust to a blue whale to a bowling alley, rather spiffing, don't you say.
Now go out there and enjoy your day in Mushtopia, and stay up to date for the next issue of.....THE FLUFFINGTON POST!!!